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This recipe is Eggstrodinary!

I love eggs in the morning as a quick and healthy way to get started with my day. Eggs are a great source of protein that sticks with you throughout the morning. Typically, I run behind in the morning and want something quick and easy but also delicious! This fits that bill. These are easy to make ahead of time and they will last in the fridge for about a week, but you can also easily freeze these for the next few weeks and thus only have to make them once or twice a month. I have included a bunch of optional ingredients in this recipe. I use almost all of the options (when I have them on hand) all the time as it just ramps up the flavor. Go ahead and be creative! If you don’t like the meat in these then substitute with veggies.

Tips and hints

My one warning on these is to not overcook them! I try to cook them until just barely done. Why?? Because when you heat them in the microwave it will cook them a little more and then they are just perfect. Fluffy and yummy but not rubbery. So, watch your cooking times. Be aware that adding cheese to the top can cause them to get a little gooey during the bake time. Don’t let that gooey top fool you though. I find 15-18 minutes is about all you need. All the added ingredients are cooked so it’s just a matter of getting those eggs done. For more notes and tips see the “notes” section in the recipe below.
I hope you enjoy these egg muffin bites. Be sure to leave me your comment and/or rating below!

Geekgal Tip

Being the Geekgal that I am, I will leave you with a geek tip: rebooting is not just for compuers. I once fixed a microwave by turning it off (unplugging it) waiting a minute and then plugging it back in! So when in doubt, reboot it first!