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Yes they really are Fabulous!

My mom found this amazing recipe and after we tried them, it became “Mom’s Fabulous Biscuits”. They are fantastic! Light and fluffy with a great taste. I would say they are even better than KFC’s biscuits! lol, my family loves KFC biscuits. These are easy to make and go great with many things like sausage gravy (or my favorite bacon gravy); chocolate gravy, or Goldenrod Eggs (see my recipe here: ). What else can I say except you HAVE to try these! Yes I know many of you don’t like those carbs but you have to give in now and then and give yourself a treat! These are worth it!
I have not found a from scratch (not using bisquick) recipe that rivals these, but when I do I will make sure to post it! If you have a from scratch biscuit recipe, let me know below.

Geek Tip

Always make sure you have an antivirus installed on your computer AND your phone. Don’t want to pay for one? You don’t have to! Just search for “free antivirus” and see what comes up. My favorite is AVG.